Wednesday, March 28, 2018

AIS Partners with Broadsword to Integrate Performance Improvement Model and Strengthen Agile Values


Security Firm to adopt CMMI framework using Broadsword’s agileCMMI Methodology

ROME, NY, March 28, 2018 – Assured Information Security (AIS), a cyber security firm that provides government and commercial customers with industry leading cyber security capabilities and services, announced today a strategic partnership with Broadsword Solutions (Broadsword), a leader in performance innovation and process improvement. The partnership will assist AIS in adopting a framework for continuous improvement that will strengthen AIS’s agile values, using agileCMMI, the leading methodology for company-wide process and performance improvement.

As pioneers of the agileCMMI performance improvement methodology, Broadsword will provide integrated agileCMMI workshops, coaching and consulting solutions to help AIS achieve its capability goals. agileCMMI uses agile methods such as incremental delivery, continuous build and collaboration, applying the same techniques used when writing software to deploy process improvements and help engineers, project managers, and software developers excel.

“We are going through some transformative changes to scale our policies as fast as our company is growing,” said Chuck Stormon, Director of Advanced Technology at AIS. “Taking an agile approach to adopting CMMI will help us consistently improve performance at scale. We are excited to partner with Broadsword in this endeavor, having selected them based on their track record and their commitment to the agile philosophy within CMMI.”

“AIS is a great example of what happens when software and engineering executives are resolved to achieve the benefits of agility combined with the resiliency and rigor of a scalable operational model like CMMI,” said Broadsword’s president, Jeff Dalton. “We’re proud to be a partner in guiding AIS’s agileCMMI adoption, and look forward to their continued success.”


Headquartered in Rome, New York, with operating locations throughout the United States, AIS performs generation-next groundbreaking work. The company provides government and commercial customers with a diverse selection of cyber and information security offerings that include engineering, research, development, assessment services and products and has grown to become a national leader in this highly dynamic and emerging field. For more information, visit


Broadsword is a Process Improvement and Performance Innovation firm and CMMI Institute Partner that is the world-leader in using agile and lean methods to drive high-performance engineering using their agileCMMI methodology and collaborative consulting, coaching and CMMI training solutions. Working with clients like the State of Michigan, ADNET, Boeing, Chrysler, Agilex, and L3 Communications, Broadsword has a proven record of success throughout North America and the world. Broadsword is based outside of Detroit, Michigan, and can be reached at

Erin Bushinger, Manager of Marketing & Communications
Assured Information Security (AIS)