Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Six Speakers to Reveal Strategies, Techniques and Case Studies on Using CMMI, Agile and Performance Improvement Methods to Build Capability

DETROIT, MI, May 12, 2017 – Broadsword Solutions (Broadsword), an Organizational Performance Innovation firm, announced today that six speakers from Broadsword have been selected to present a total of eight presentations on achieving performance innovation and process improvement results at Capability Counts 2017.  The conference takes place on May 16-17 in Alexandria, Virginia.

Hosted by the CMMI Institute, Capability Counts is the premier, global conference series on building capability through software and systems process management.  Software and engineering professionals from all over the world gather at the annual event to explore using the CMMI to improve performance and increase capability through first-person case studies, interactive workshops and powerful presentations.

Jeff Dalton, president of Broadsword, will deliver a Featured Presentation, “Stability, Agility, and The Capable Organization,” a vision for helping organizations introduce stability and increase capability by taking advantage of CMMI and agile methods for a lighter, leaner approach to solving business problems, using the CMMI as a framework for guiding their success.

"Agility is important, but it’s not enough.  In order to compete we also have to build engineering, project management, and leadership capability so our teams can achieve the stability they need to perform. " Mr. Dalton said.

In a subsequent presentation designed for software and engineering executives who are seeking to transform the way they run their organizations, Mr. Dalton is delivering, “Holacracy  and CMMI – Abolish Hierarchy to Radically Change Your Organization.”

Other presentations by Broadsword speakers at Capability Counts 2017 include:

  • Ross Timmerman: “Gamers’ Alley” (2 Sessions)
  • Julie Calfin: “The Great Service Multiplier - How Our Consulting Firm Doubled Revenues and Reduced Costs by Implementing CMMI-SVC”
  • Laura Adkins: “The Buy-In Effect – How Getting Alignment Can Get Your CMMI Adoption UnStuck”
  • Tim Zeller: “Agile Performance Management”
  • Cathy Henderson: “20 Days to SCAMPI A – How to get to the Finish Line and Keep Your Sanity”

Engineering and software professionals interested in attending Capability Counts 2017 are invited to register for the event at:


Broadsword is a CMMI Institute Partner and Performance Innovation firm that is the world-leader in using Agile and Lean methods to drive high performance engineering using their AgileCMMI methodology and collaborative consulting and coaching solutions.  Adopted by great clients like Rockwell Collins, Nationwide, Boeing, Chrysler, Compuware and L-3 Communications, Broadsword’s methods and successes are proven throughout North America and the world. Broadsword is based in southeastern Michigan.  For more information, visit or contact us at


Thursday, May 4, 2017


Broadsword to Assist IT Leader in Its Journey to Re-appraisal

Atlanta, GA – May 4, 2017 – Teracore, Inc. (Teracore) a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and leader in providing management and enterprise IT consulting services to the Federal Government, today announced a strategic partnership with Broadsword Solutions Corporation (Broadsword) to assist with the firm’s re-appraisal with the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration, or CMMI.

The CMMI is a world-class engineering process performance model developed by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and has been adopted by engineering organizations throughout the world.  At one time the CMMI was most prevalent in the Department of Defense, aerospace, and federal government sectors, but now is just as successful in manufacturing, automotive, health care and IT.

“We appreciate the fact that Broadsword is able to help us make CMMI and ISO relevant to us,” said Luis Perez, President of Teracore.  “You can either use CMMI to have a transformative experience – or use it as a certificate suitable for framing. With Broadsword, we’re on the upper end of transformation, and we look forward to continuing our CMMI journey together.”

“Teracore continues to invest in the adoption of industry-proven models and certifications for the benefit of the federal agencies they serve, and ultimately, their constituents,” said Broadsword’s President Jeff Dalton.  “Not only has Teracore made the strategic decision to seek a re-appraisal, but their executives continue to focus on the fact that the CMMI is about improving and changing the way the company behaves, so that they can deliver even more value to their customers.”


Headquartered in Atlanta, GA with offices in the Washington, D.C. metro area, Teracore is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) providing management and enterprise IT consulting services to the Federal Government. Teracore leverages innovation, best practices, and lessons learned to improve service delivery while helping its federal clients cut costs, achieve efficiencies, and manage performance. As a small business, Teracore is flexible and able to quickly accommodate changes to scope and emerging customer requirements. Teracore has the distinction of having won and delivered 16 DHS PACTS IDIQ task orders, more than any of the other 33 prime contract holders. The firm has received the Small Business Administration Administrator’s Award for Excellence in recognition of sustained exceptional support to Federal agencies. For more information, visit


Broadsword is a Process Innovation firm and CMMI Institute Partner that is the world-leader in using Agile and Lean methods to drive high-performance engineering using their AgileCMMI methodology and collaborative consulting, coaching and CMMI training solutions.  Working with great clients like ADNET, Boeing, Chrysler, Agilex, and L3 Communications, Broadsword has a proven record of success throughout North America and the world.  Broadsword has offices outside of Washington, DC, Detroit, MI and San Diego, CA and can be reached at