Monday, October 6, 2014

How can we get value from Requirements Development within Agile teams?

WATERFORD, MI. October 6, 2014 – For many, the language used in the CMMI practices just doesn’t seem very “agile.”  But there is a solution.

“I try to adapt my language to local conditions when working with agile teams, and my favorite word tends to be ‘stuff,’” said Jeff Dalton, President of Broadsword.

To help translate the practices in Requirements Development into “stuff that needs to happen,” Dalton suggests that agile teams implement a three-tiered architecture that brings clarity to their requirements process and a cascading “definition of done” that helps ensure that the requirements provide a solid foundation for estimation, design, and development.

Dalton describes the details in the latest episode of “Just the FAQs,” a monthly series written and edited by Dalton and Pat O’Toole that answers frequently asked questions about the CMMI, SCAMPI and process improvement.

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