Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Expert Targets Skills and Training in "Just the FAQs"

Pat O'Toole reveals the dimensions of skills and competencies in this month's episode of “Just the FAQs.” In the article, O'Toole differentiates "training" from  fundamental, product, process and supplemental skills.

“I don’t care if my people have been “trained.” I care that they have the skills and knowledge to perform the work for which I am paying them,” he said. O'Toole is Principal Consultant with Process Assessment, Consulting and Training, LLC (PACT).

Jeff Dalton, President of Broadsword, collaborates with O'Toole on "Just the FAQs." The monthly article series answers questions about the CMMI, SCAMPI and process improvement.

Please contact the authors at pact.otoole@att.net and jeff@broadswordsolutions.com to ask questions, offer ideas and provide input.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Steven Seligson Joins Broadsword Team as Senior Consultant

March 3, 2014
WATERFORD, MI - Broadsword Solutions Corporation (Broadsword) announced today that Steven Seligson will be immediately joining the firm as a Senior Consultant.
Seligson joins Broadsword after having been a Program Director with Compuware and CW Professional Services; he brings twenty-five years of experience as an IT consultant, Program Manager and IT executive to the team.  He led the performance improvement program that resulted in Compuware attaining a CMMI Maturity Level Three Rating for their waterfall and agile programs in 2013.  Seligson also led other process improvement initiatives and managed the building of two new data centers for GMAC.
As a Senior Consultant with Broadsword, Seligson will focus on assisting clients in the aerospace, defense, and federal government sectors using Broadsword’s AgileCMMI methodology, which is based on the industry leading Capability Maturity Model Integration, or CMMI.
"Working as a leader for Compuware's CMMI-based improvement program, I realized how much performance improvement has become a passion for me,” Seligson said.  “I look forward to bringing that same passion and commitment in my work with Broadsword’s clients."
"We are excited to welcome Steve to the Broadsword team,” said Broadsword's president, Jeff Dalton.  “He will play an important role as Broadsword continues to expand its presence in the government, manufacturing, healthcare and IT sectors.  We welcome his depth and breadth of experience.  Steve’s passion and focus on organizational performance improvement will be a critical part of helping our clients succeed." 
Broadsword is a Process Innovation firm that provides model-based performance improvement solutions for engineering and information technology organizations throughout North America.  Our tools and solutions are customized for each client and are based on Carnegie Mellon University's Capability Maturity Model Integration. Broadsword is a CMMI Institute Partner that provides technologies, tools, training, appraisals, and end-to-end solutions for performance innovation in the automotive, defense, aerospace, and government sectors.
Broadsword has offices in Michigan, Washington, D.C., and San Diego, and can be reached at www.broadswordsolutions.com.
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