Sunday, September 29, 2013

Reason #3 to attend SEPG 2013: Regain Control

The #3 Reason to Attend SEPGNA: To help you gain control

The afternoon shadows are growing longer.  Cool breezes are starting to blow.  This must mean it’s almost time for the industry’s premier CMMI Conference,SEPG NorthAmerica 2013 on October 1-2 in Pittsburgh, PA!
If you’ve just joined us, I’ve been counting down my list of Top 10 Reasons to attend SEPGNA.  Over the years, I have had so many highly useful experiences at SEPGNA, and have seen so many organizations receive value, it’s been tough to pare them down.  But now we’ve arrived at the final three.

Drum roll, please!  Reason #3 is …

To help you gain control.

Given this year’s high powered line-up of speakers, workshops and events, SEPGNA 2013 promises to be another excellent opportunity to come together and talk about continuous improvement and making our teams more productive using the CMMI.  I’m looking forward to hearing about real-life issues that organizations are facing every day in their quest to be a great company.

Like what?

By all indications, the biggest problem many companies are STILL facing is a lack of control over process.  They are dealing with late projects, over-budget projects, unpredictable results and unhappy customers.  In many cases, they have made small improvements, but nothing has given them greater control for the long-term.

Does that sound familiar?

If so, I can promise you, you’ll have your eyes opened up at SEPGNA.  This year, the sharpest minds in the industry will be discussing how to maximize the impact and business results of CMMI and performance improvement.  You’ll get new ideas for applying best practices for adopting the CMMI as a tool that can help you set up an environment that makes improvement possible.  And you’ll have the opportunity to discuss strategies with other leaders who learned to leverage the CMMI to establish a useful level of control over their process.

Great companies know that the key to process improvement and performance innovation is to know how you know the process works.  A proper adoption of the CMMI can give you data about that.  It can show you how the process is performing, whether you are getting the results you expected, and how you can make it better.

Why is this true?  Because the CMMI is a framework for life-long learning.  It helps you learn about yourself, your company and the way you do your work.  And there are practices within the CMMI that can help you apply what you’ve learned to make it even better.

The value of a great conference like SEPGNA is that it helps you learn about keeping these things in mind, so that you always know how things are going and how they can be made better.
So join us.  Online registration for SEPGNA is closed, but you can still sign up on site on October 1st.

If you want more reasons to go, please check back soon for Reason #2.

Jeff Dalton is President of Broadsword Solutions Corporation  and Chair of the CMMI Institute’s Partner Advisory Board.