Sunday, January 30, 2011

Broadsword President to be featured at SEI's SEPG 2011

Jeff Dalton, Broadsword's President and Certified Lead Appraiser, has been selected to speak at this year's SEPG 2011, the software process improvement industry's most prestigious and well-attended event.

Jeff is a nationally recognized expert on the CMMI and the use of Agile methods to implement useful, continuous improvement and radical change within engineering organizations.

This year his speech with cover the use of Agile methods while conducting SCAMPI Appraisals with "The Agile SCAMPI: Taming the Savage Beast."

He is co-author of the SEI Publication "CMMI or Agile: Why not Embrace Both!" and received the SEI Member Award for "Outstanding Representative" in 2009 for his work in uniting the CMMI and Agile communities.

A regular speaker at SEPG in years past, he was voted "#1 Speaker" in 2008 and "Top Ten Speaker" in 2009.  Jeff was keynote speaker at the CMMI International Conference 2010 in Lima, Peru and speaks regularly at SPINs, APLN, ASQ, and other events throughout the Americas.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

SEPG NA 2011 is coming soon!

Get set.  Get ready. Go!

SEPG North America, the greatest show on earth for process geeks, is coming soon to Portland, OR.  Held during the 3rd week in March, SEPG is four non-stop days of CMMI, Process, case studies, consultants, clients, parties, dinners, bars, drinking, cigar-smoking (just me and my buddy Dave) and just plain outright fun!

I'll be speaking on "Agile SCAMPI: Taming the Savage Beast" - an iterative and incremental way to approach conducting a SCAMPI Appraisal.

Be there or be square!

New Broadsword Website coming soon!

We've been working closely with our web design partner, HamiltonMarc Interactive Design, and the writers at RobRoy Consulting to deliver a brand new website for Broadsword.  The site will be more interactive, with more and better information bringing together our blog, twitter, events, training classes, and downloadable information.  Look for a release by mid-February.