Friday, October 31, 2014

Broadsword Presents Webinars on Agile Resiliency and CMMI

WATERFORD, Mich., Oct. 31, 2014 — Engineering and software professionals will expand their knowledge and learn actionable tips and strategies about performance improvement, agile and the CMMI by attending one of Broadsword’s two new webinars scheduled in November. Both of the free online events will be presented by Jeff Dalton, President of Broadsword.

The first webinar, “Agile Resiliency: Scaling Agile so that it Thrives and Survives,” will be held Thursday, November 6.  To register online, go to:  Agile Resiliency Webinar

Agile Resiliency” is Broadsword’s proven strategy for scaling agile by strengthening and reinforcing agile values, methods, and techniques. In the webinar, Dalton demonstrates how integrating the architectural strengths of the CMMI with an agile approach can help make agile resilient enough to scale and thrive.

Attendees will learn actionable tips for using the “Agile Resilience Architecture" to help drive quality and performance improvement across the board, including how to bring greater clarity and strength to Scrum ceremonies.

In the second webinar, “CMMI: Everything You Need to Know,” attendees will gain an understanding of the popular Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), and learn to answer the “CMMI questions” as an engineering strategy for addressing common business problems such as late projects, over budget projects, and unhappy customers.

CMMI: Everything You Need to Know will be held Thursday, November 20.  To register online, go to: CMMI Webinar 

Jeff Dalton 

Jeff Dalton is Broadsword's President, Certified Lead Appraiser, CMMI Instructor, ScrumMaster and author of "agileCMMI," Broadsword's leading methodology for incremental and iterative process improvement. He is former Chairman of the CMMI Institute's Partner Advisory Board and past President of the Great Lakes Software Process Improvement Network (GL-SPIN). In 2008, Jeff coined the term Process Debt to describe the crushing, over-bearing processes too many companies employ to achieve a CMMI rating. He is a recipient of the prestigious Software Engineering Institute's SEI Member Award for Outstanding Representative for his work uniting the Agile and CMMI communities together through his popular blog "Ask the CMMI Appraiser." He holds degrees in Music and Computer Science and builds experimental airplanes in his spare time. Contact Jeff at

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