Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Expert Targets Skills and Training in "Just the FAQs"

Pat O'Toole reveals the dimensions of skills and competencies in this month's episode of “Just the FAQs.” In the article, O'Toole differentiates "training" from  fundamental, product, process and supplemental skills.

“I don’t care if my people have been “trained.” I care that they have the skills and knowledge to perform the work for which I am paying them,” he said. O'Toole is Principal Consultant with Process Assessment, Consulting and Training, LLC (PACT).

Jeff Dalton, President of Broadsword, collaborates with O'Toole on "Just the FAQs." The monthly article series answers questions about the CMMI, SCAMPI and process improvement.

Please contact the authors at pact.otoole@att.net and jeff@broadswordsolutions.com to ask questions, offer ideas and provide input.