Monday, February 14, 2011

Register for our April Webinar: CMMI v1.3 Upgrade: What you Need to know!

Broadsword presents "CMMI v1.3 Upgrade: What you need to Know!" during our monthly webinar series April 1, 2011.

On November 1st,  2011 the current version of the CMMI, v1.2 will be retired, and starting today organizations using CMMI will be focusing on the latest release, CMMI v1.3.
There are many changes to the CMMI with this new release. CMMI v1.3 What you Need to Know  is important to you if you're involved with an SEPG, a process team, and appraisal team, or just working as a process coach, auditor, or engineer, you will want to hear this information.
During CMMI v1.3 - What you Need to Know we will also discuss the new SCAMPIsm v1.3, with it's new sampling rules and model interpretation.
Join us for an hour on April 1st, 2011 for CMMI v1.3 - What you Need to Know!
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